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Message of Sympathy for an Uncle written to his nephew by a friend

Message of sympathy for a uncle written to his nephew will remind the nephew of the generosity the uncle bestowed on him while in college. This Message of Sympathy could be written by a college age friend of the nephew to help him get over the loss of his Uncle. Other memories that have been told to the writer can be added. This letter would be appropriate for a college age or young adult.

Message of Sympathy for an Uncle written to his nephew by a friend

To my friend Michael,

I just heard your uncle died. I’m sorry; this must be pretty devastating to you. You had such a great connection to him. You talked about your uncle all the time. He is the one that helped you figure out what career path to take, which college to attend and also told you all the stories about Dessert Storm, where he was in the forefront. Don’t we all need an uncle like him? Because of your close relationship, his death must be all the harder for you.  Sorry, Michael.

I’m so glad you passed on your uncle’s stories. They are all so interesting. I know, he was mighty big- hearted as well. His generosity to you trickled down to me as well, because often when our bank accounts were depleted, your uncle sent you some cash. What a nice guy. He made our lean college years a lot more palatable. Well I figure you got some of his genes, because you too are generous with your funds. For sure in this sense, his way of being impacted you. I hope, that this way of thinking will help you get over your loss. Maybe now, when you’re in a quandary you can ask yourself, “What would my uncle have done in this situation?” I’m sure you’ll find an answer. May his teachings and way of being always guide you? He wouldn’t want you to be depressed for long.

Maybe one day you can write down the stories he told you. It would be a pity to let them go to the wayside. Writing them down will keep him alive for generations to come. The process might also ease the loss you feel over his death.

Let’s go play some hoops soon. I can beat you and in return you can tell me more about your uncle.

Take care my friend


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