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Perpetual Care Cemetery Fees and Services

Perpetual care cemetery fees and services are part of the expected expenses of using any type of cemetery as a final resting place. Whether you're interning ashes or doing a traditional in ground grave, these are fees and services that are designed to ensure that there is someone to keep your loved one's grave from getting lost behind overgrown grass or encumbered with litter. Different cemeteries charge different fees for each type of burial and perpetual care can reach far beyond the aesthetics of the grounds.

Why Do I Need to Pay Perpetual Care Cemetery Fees and Services?

Perpetual care cemetery fees and services start with the basics but often include so much more. There are certain aspects of laying a loved one to rest that the cemetery can easily handle for you so that you don't have to. For instance, the cemetery can be responsible for obtaining the burial permit. It's actually easier for them to do so because they have to obtain one every time they intern someone. It is more effort for an individual or a family member to have to secure this permit. There is a fee associated with the permit, which you would end up paying for anyway.

Additionally, every cemetery keeps accurate records. We've all wandered through a cemetery at one point in our lives and witnessed the weather of a grave marker and found it to be unreadable. The cemetery records can be useful in discovering who is in this grave and in some very rare cases, having it inscribed once again. These records are essential should a natural disaster destroy grave markers or if the human element should destroy grave markers. The record keeping is part of the perpetual care that is included in the charges.

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Will Perpetual Care Cemetery Fees and Services Keep the Site Clean?

Yes. Perpetual care cemetery fees and services are in part designed to make sure that the grave site of your loved one stays clean. This includes things like lawn care, litter control, and general maintenance of the site. Some cemeteries will offer additional services like grave site gardening services or fresh flowers for specific holidays. This type of perpetual care is often more costly and isn't typically an option when compared to the industry standards. Although, most cemeteries will dispose of old flowers and any wrappings that came with the flowers.

Perpetual Care Cemetery Fees and Services for Legal Documents

There are often legal documents that must be maintained and fortunately the perpetual care cemetery fees and services will cover the necessary aspects of maintaining such documents. Many of these documents are related to the cemetery's business, although you will be relieved of any record keeping or legal document keeping that may be required of your particular state. This means that you will not have to be burdened with the general filing of any paperwork outside of the claim for any life insurance policies. This can be a huge relief to individuals who have lost a loved one and are in the grieving process.

The Burial Services

Some of the burial services fall under the perpetual care cemetery fees and services and will be covered under this part of the contract. You should always double check to make sure that any burial services that are covered under this part of the contract do not appear in the charges for the burial services as well.

One of the most common burial services found under the perpetual care aspect of the contract is the installation and removal of the grave site burial instruments. This can include things like tarps, the device that is set up and used to gently lower the casket into the ground, and any other ground coverings that may be necessary.

If you find these charges under perpetual care and burial services, inquire immediately before signing any kind of documentation.

Rest in Peace

Perpetual care cemetery fees and services are designed to allow you to leave a loved one in peace knowing that the site will be well cared for. It alleviates you of the responsibility of making sure that all is well with the grave site. Many people find that while they initially visit the grave site often, over time they tend to visit less. This is often part of the closure process and allowing the cemetery to provide the services ensures that you will be able to move forward with life instead of taking care of those who are not with us any longer.

* Perpetual care cemetery fees and services are an industry standard for ensuring that many of the details of a grave site are cared for without your direct participation.

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