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Letter of Sympathy for a Baby Boy

In this Letter of Sympathy for a Baby Boy, the writer and her husband offer comfort to the parents of the deceased child.  Regardless of the cause of death, grieving parents often blame themselves, and they need friends to remind them that they were good parents who did everything possible for their child.  Notice that this letter makes no comment to imply that another child can take away the pain of losing this one.  When seeking to comfort the bereaved, remember:  No person can fill the void resulting from another’s death.  Parents will always long for the deceased child, regardless of other children they may have in the future.  Ending the letter with a reference to the parents’ spiritual beliefs, often offers the best source of hope.  Use this Letter of Sympathy for a Baby Boy to comfort the grieving parents in your life.

Letter of Sympathy for a Baby Boy

Dear Sherry and Mac,

Terry and I grieve with you in the loss of your son. Certainly, his brief life blessed you in many ways, and his absence will leave a horrible void in your lives. How your hearts must ache for him!

We were so glad we could come by and meet your little guy last month. What a sweet, happy child he was, in spite of his illness! (Amanda, I’m picturing him now reaching up for your glasses as you hold him in your arms.) Baby Dillon surely knew how much you loved him.

You both sacrificed so much and, no doubt, you would have even given your lives for him. No child could ask for more generous, loving parents. You can rest assured that you provided him with the best medical care available. We were told he had the most knowledgeable doctors at the best children’s hospital in the country, so it hardly seems possible that they couldn’t save him. Yet, sometimes, even the best human efforts cannot bring the results for which we long.

We can’t imagine your crushing disappointment! How can it be fair that this illness has robbed your son of life’s wonderful, fulfilling opportunities? It frustrates—even angers—us to see his life cut so short.

Neither Terry nor I know what to say or do to relieve your pain. I suppose no one could do that right now anyway. We do hope you will cling to your belief that Dillon now rests in the presence of his all-loving Creator, where he now has perfect health, joy and peace. Never give up the hope that you will one day see him again.


Terry and Amanda

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