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Sample Letter of Sympathy for a Friend’s Aunt

This Sample Letter of Sympathy for a Friend’s Aunt offers comfort by focusing on fond memories.  Since this letter is written from the perspective of a childhood friend who also knew the deceased, she can help the grieving niece recall happy times spent with her aunt.   Substitute your own memories of the deceased, if you knew her.   Notice that the writer acknowledges the physical and emotional effects of caring for the terminally ill.  Although you may not have had this experience yourself, it is always appropriate to offer your support and to encourage the bereaved friend to take care of herself.  Let this Sample Letter of Sympathy for a Friend’s Aunt serve as an outline for your own condolence message.

Sample Letter of Sympathy for a Friend’s Aunt

Dear Carol,

I am so sorry to hear that your Aunt Lucy passed away. I heard she suffered for several months with her illness. Perhaps you and your family can find comfort in the fact that she now rests comfortably, with no more pain.

I know you will always have wonderful memories of her. I used to love going to her house with you when we were kids. She always treated me like one of the family. Remember when she invited us to spend the night at her house? I’ll never forget how special we felt to be sleeping in that beautiful guest bedroom. And I distinctly remember her rummaging through the closet to pull out her collection of board games. We played for hours.

I’m glad I had the privilege to know your Aunt Lucy. If at all possible, I plan on attending the funeral. I don’t want to miss saying good-bye to a wonderful lady!

My family and I always lived far away from my aunts and uncles. So I was never that close to any of them. How fortunate you are to have had such a close relationship with your aunt! I can only imagine how much you and your mom will miss her. Tell your mom that I am thinking about her in the loss of her sister, and please extend my condolences to her.

You and your mom must be exhausted, both physically and emotionally, after caring for her these many weeks. As you grieve, take the time necessary to rest your bodies and restore your souls.

Even though I don’t live in town anymore, I’m not that far away. I’d love to come and take you and your mom out for lunch in a couple of weeks. I’ll stay in touch. In the meantime, please feel free to contact me if I can do anything else to help out.

Your friend,

Mary Davis

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