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Sample Letter of Sympathy for a Mentor

This Sample Letter of Sympathy for a Mentor acknowledges that, even after many years, the loss of a beloved adviser and teacher can cause significant grief in one’s life.  If you have a friend who has lost a mentor from the past, don’t hesitate to offer your condolences.  You might share memories of the deceased, but remember to recognize your friend’s relationship to him or her.  Offering to honor the mentor in some way shows respect, especially if you knew him or her and cannot attend the funeral.  This Sample Letter of Sympathy for a Mentor provides a model for you to use in a similar situation.

Sample Letter of Sympathy for a Mentor

Dear Debbie,

It saddened me to learn of Dr. Marsha Carson’s death yesterday. All of us who took any of her classes at Newton College loved her. But I know her death will affect especially you, since she mentored you for many years, even after graduate school. I know that you’ve kept in close contact with her, and I am so sorry for this loss in your life.

Her integrity and her scholarship inspired many people. I believe she impacted the lives of all of her students, not only as a teacher, but as a counselor, guide and friend. I had not seen her for many years until that last class reunion. I remember thinking that, aside from a few more gray hairs, she hadn’t really changed much. She still had that vibrant personality and great energy. And she still had encouraging things to say to everyone. What a great lady!

I remember how thrilled you were when you got that teaching position at Newton. You were quite nervous, as I recall, because you were going to be on the same faculty staff as Dr. Carson. I’ll bet she had lots of advice to give during those years you taught together. I know you feel as if you owe a lot of your success to her.

If I’m remembering correctly, her husband passed away some years ago. If you attend the funeral, please offer condolences on my behalf to her daughter and other family members. My prayers are with you and with her family at this time. If the college establishes any sort of memorial scholarship fund in her honor, please let me know; I would love to contribute.

Take care and God bless.


Carrie Knox

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