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Sample Letter of Sympathy for a Mom

This Sample Letter of Sympathy for a Mom seeks to comfort the teen or young adult daughter, whose mom died tragically.  Although the letter is from the mother of the daughter’s friend, any adult could use its basic tone and language to reassure a grieving young person.  Offering to listen provides important emotional support, and mentioning specific ways to assist the family may promote a sense of security for the young person, as well. As you adapt this portion of the letter to the situation, however, don’t make promises you can’t keep.  A young person who has lost a parent often feels insecure and needs to know she can depend on the other adults in her life.  Offering assistance is always appropriate; just be sure you follow through, if possible.  Use this Sample Letter of Sympathy for a Mom as a model for your own letter of condolence.

Sample Letter of Sympathy for a Mom

Dear Sarah,

How truly sorry I was to hear about your mom!

I’m so glad I got acquainted with her this year, after you and Kerry became friends at school. Even in the small amount of time I spent with your mom, her genuinely sweet personality impressed me. I wish I’d had a chance to get to know her better.

Maybe you and your sisters have questions about how such a thing could have happened to her. Why did it happen? Why now? We are all wondering these things, too. I don’t believe there are any satisfactory answers right now. And that makes the pain even more difficult. Please know that we are praying for you during this time and that we are hurting for you and your family.

Your mom’s unexpected death has probably thrown your lives into chaos. Maybe everything seems unbelievable—even surreal— to you. We’d like to help.

Kerry says you have been swamped with food, so you probably don’t need any more meals at the moment. But my husband Barry and I would be glad to help out in other ways. He will be calling your dad soon to see if we might be able to assist with transportation to and from school, music lessons or other places—at least until your dad gets everything figured out.

After your lives have settled down a bit, we’re still here for you—even if you just need someone to listen. I lost my own mother when I was a little older than you. I remember how I grieved for many months after she was gone and how I felt like there was no one to talk to. You have your sisters, and I hope you can always depend on each other for support. But you are welcome to come over and visit with Kerry and me any time.


Brenda Lawson

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