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Sample Letter of Sympathy for an Acquaintance’s Grandma

This Sample Letter of Sympathy for an Acquaintance’s Grandma extends condolences to a young woman, whose grandmother was a well-respected member of the community.  In this letter, the writer knew the deceased and honors her by sending this message to a family member.   She comforts her acquaintance by illustrating her grandma’s influence on the entire community.  You may adapt this letter in several ways.  If you did not know the deceased very well, focus on her contribution to the community.  If you have a close relationship with the grandchild, you might offer to spend some time with her in the near future.  Note also that the writer commends the granddaughter’s participation in the funeral.  Showing appreciation for the manner in which memorial services were conducted is always appropriate and can encourage family members.  Use the Sample Letter of Sympathy for an Acquaintance’s Grandma to fit your own situation.

Sample Letter of Sympathy for an Acquaintance’s Grandma

Dear Margie,

Please accept my deepest sympathies in the loss of your grandma. As her oldest grandchild, you must have had a close relationship with her. It sounds as if you’ve lost not only a grandma but a great friend and confidant, as well.

As I’ve mentioned to you before, Dr. Fields was one of my favorite professors at Johnstown College. She both inspired and challenged me in every class I took with her. I still remember much of the advice she gave me as an aspiring writer. I know Dr. Fields will remain a symbol of academic excellence and integrity. She embodied everything Johnstown College stood for.

Her sudden death has shaken many in our community. I imagine you and your family were thoroughly shocked at the passing of this vibrant lady, so full of life and spirit. The void resulting from such a loss is impossible to fill.

From the beautiful tribute you delivered at the funeral, I can tell how much you loved and respected her. I think everyone enjoyed your childhood remembrances—especially the one recalling her unusual ice cream treats. Thank you for allowing us to see another facet of this amazing woman. I was so glad I could be there to honor her and to pay my last respects.

Extend my condolences to the rest of your family. I know all of you are missing her already. May your memories keep her alive in your hearts and minds. And may you find comfort in knowing that she rests in peace with God.


Rebecca Parish

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