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Sample Letter of Sympathy for an Elderly Friend’s Niece

This Sample Letter of Sympathy for an Elderly Friend’s Niece focuses on offering assistance, since the woman has come to depend on her niece.  This elderly woman has no children and may now feel alone or anxious.  Lending practical help may be one of the best ways to comfort an older person in the loss of a close family member.   You might offer to transport your friend, as this writer does, or you may simply wish to drop by for weekly visits. It’s also important to acknowledge the more immediate family members, as well, even though you may not know them.  Recognizing their grief and pain shows your true concern for the entire family and may help comfort your friend further.  As you write your own letter, feel free to use the ideas in this Sample Letter of Sympathy for an Elderly Friend’s Niece.

Sample Letter of Sympathy for an Elderly Friend’s Niece

Dear Mrs. Howard,

Please accept my condolences in the passing of your niece. I heard about the accident only yesterday. What a tragic death for someone in the prime of her life! I know your whole family will suffer a tremendous loss.

I remember your saying that Nancy had become just like a daughter to you, especially since the death of her mother some years ago. You two must have become very close, and since you haven’t been well yourself lately, I know you depended on her for many things.

I didn’t know her very well, but I certainly remember your talking about her quite a bit. And I believe I did meet her once when she was visiting at your house. I was taking a walk and you and Nancy were sitting on the porch. You introduced me to her, remember? She seemed to be such a sweet person. I know you will miss her tremendously.

I cannot imagine what Nancy’s husband and children are experiencing right now. Although I don’t know them, please let them know that I am praying for them as they grieve and as they recover from their injuries, as well.

You, too, are in my thoughts and prayers, Mrs. Howard. I’ll be checking in on you soon to see if you need anything. I’ll be glad to run errands or to drive you to the doctor—anywhere you might need to go. I drive past your house every day as I go to and from work, so it’s no trouble at all. Please don’t hesitate to let me know.


Betty Moore

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