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Sample Letter of Sympathy for Your Co-Worker’s Stepmother

This Sample Letter of Sympathy for Your Co-Worker’s Stepmother, lends comfort to a young woman who lost her mother at a young age and has now lost her stepmother.  It acknowledges the woman’s close relationship to her stepmother and the fact that she is grieving perhaps just as much now as when she lost her mother.  The writer of this letter uses her own experience with a stepparent to relate to her co-worker’s feelings toward her stepmother.   Even if you haven’t had such a relationship in your own life, you can still respect the possibility that this loss may be as difficult as losing a biological mother.  As in any sympathy letter, offer one or two practical ways you might be able to help, but give the bereaved the opportunity to make other suggestions.  Use this Sample Letter of Sympathy for Your Co-Worker’s Stepmother to compose your own message.

Sample Letter of Sympathy for Your Co-Worker’s Stepmother

Dear Joannie,

Please accept my sincere condolences in the loss of your stepmother.

I grew up with a stepparent, too, so I understand how people can assume that you weren’t that close to her, when in fact, you were. I’ve heard you talk about Mrs. Fulton enough to know how much you loved her and cared about her.

I’m so sorry I never got to meet her. Whenever you talked about her, I pictured a fun-loving lady who always tried to make her family happy. I remember the story you told us about the surprise party she organized for your sixteenth birthday…and the one about the prom dress crisis. You will miss her, undoubtedly. I’m so glad you will always have such great memories of her.

Although it was a long time ago when you lost your mother, I’m sure the memories make this loss even more painful for all of you—especially for your Dad. Please extend my sympathies to him, as well.

Everyone in the office is talking about what we could do to help out. Sharon and I thought we might organize a schedule for bringing dinner to the house. You all are probably getting a lot of food right now from the neighbors, so we thought we’d wait a few days when things have calmed down. If there’s anything else any of us can do that would be more helpful, please let us know. We’re all thinking about you and praying for you.


Lisa Crawford

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