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Letter of Sympathy for Your Friend’s Mother-in-Law

In this Letter of Sympathy for Your Friend’s Mother-in-Law, the writer consoles her middle-aged friend and offers her support in a difficult situation.  If a woman’s husband is deceased, as in this letter, she would appreciate being able to receive condolences for his mother on his behalf.  In addition, there may be a great sense of loss if the daughter-in-law took care of the older woman.  Even if your friend’s particular situation is different, the general tone of this letter fits many situations in which in-laws have become close.  If you knew the deceased personally, you might include a pleasant memory of her.  Don’t forget to offer your help or support in some practical way. Feel free to adapt words and ideas from this Letter of Sympathy for Your Friend’s Mother-in-Law to comfort someone in your own life.

Letter of Sympathy for Your Friend’s Mother-in-Law

Dear Betty,

I was so sorry to hear about the passing of your mother-in-law. I know that she lived with you for several years even before Dean passed away. And after caring for her all of this time, she must have become a big part of your life. I know that Dean would be proud of the way you have loved and honored his mother. By doing so, you have also honored his life.

You’ll miss her, no doubt. She was a sweet, generous lady and a wonderful cook, too. I’ll never forget the time we were having coffee at your house and she suddenly insisted on making her famous butter cream coffee cake, despite the fact she hadn’t made it in years. She had no recipe, but I remember how delicious it was. As I recall, the three of us ate most of the cake that morning!

Although all of your children are grown, they will surely miss their grandmother, as well. What a blessing that they all live close by and have spent so much time with her during her later years. Please extend my sympathies to them, too.

I know you have many exhausting responsibilities right now. You shouldn’t have to do all of these things alone. I will be glad to come over one day soon and assist you in writing thank-you notes for all the flowers and food. Or if one of your children can’t be available, please call me to accompany you on any errands—or to run them for you. Just let me know. I’m here.

And amidst all the paper work and decisions, take some time for yourself. Remember that everything doesn’t have to be done right away.

Your friend always,


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