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Sample Letter of Sympathy for Your Relative’s Daughter

This Sample Letter of Sympathy for Your Relative’s Daughter extends sincere condolences to a relative you know well but could easily be adapted to fit many situations involving the loss of an adult daughter.  When writing to parents in the loss of a child, it’s important to recognize the sense of injustice that often accompanies this situation.  Parents see their daughter cheated out of life, and they may feel as if a part of them has died.  Pointing out the daughter’s positive qualities may help the parents to focus some of their grief on good memories rather than on the more negative emotions.  You can tell a specific story, as the relative writing this letter did, or simply share your impressions of the deceased. When you write your own letter, feel free to use this Sample Letter of Sympathy for Your Relative’s Daughter as a guide.

Sample Letter of Sympathy for Your Relative’s Daughter

Dear Ruth,

I can’t believe Margie is gone! I am so saddened by this news, and my heart aches for you and Harold. I can’t imagine the pain of watching your daughter pass away in the prime of life. It’s so unfair.

And, of course, how difficult all of this must be for Ron and the children! Margie was a wonderful wife and mother. I’m sure you worry about how they will go on without her. They’ll need our prayers, as will you and Harold.

Margie fought with such determination. The last time George and I saw her, just before her transplant surgery, she looked physically weak, of course, but her voice still sounded strong. Her positive spirit inspired us both. You have every reason to be proud of her.

I’ll never forget her sweet nature. I had bought her a book to read during her hospital stay. As always, she expressed such gratitude for the gift, as if it were just what she’d been wanting. I told her that, after I’d bought it, I began to worry that she already had a copy of the book. She smiled and said, “Well, actually I do have it.” When I began to apologize and offered to exchange it for another, she said, “Please, don’t do that. I love this book. I’ll just read it again!”

I regret that I did not make it into town to visit her one more time.

I heard that you’ll be staying with Ron and the children for awhile. Please take care of yourselves while you are there, and let us know if we can do anything to help out. We don’t live far, and we’d be more than happy to drive down for a day or two.

I’ve written to Ron, as well, but please convey to him again how very sorry we are for his loss. Tell him and the kids that we are praying for them.



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