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Sample Letter of Sympathy for Your Relative’s Stepfather

This Sample Letter of Sympathy for Your Relative’s Stepfather offers comfort to a younger man when it might be awkward to do so.  Although the stepson may have had a difficult time accepting his stepfather initially, he now grieves the loss of the man who had stepped in to take care of him.  Notice the writer remains realistic about the nature of the relationship while focusing on the positive characteristics of the deceased.  This general tone could work in many situations when a stepparent has passed away.  Even if you did not know the deceased well, adding any positive impressions of him can help your relative deal with the loss.  Remember that, despite the physical distance, an appropriate, sincere letter may comfort your relative more than you know.  Feel free to use this Sample Letter of Sympathy for Your Relative’s Stepfather as a model to write your own message.

Sample Letter of Sympathy for Your Relative’s Stepfather

Dear Jack,

We were all shocked to hear that your stepfather passed away. All your relatives here in Kentucky are certainly thinking about you and your family right now.

Robert always looked so healthy, and I know he had a reputation for taking good care of himself. It’s seems unbelievable that he is gone. I can’t imagine the difficulty in dealing with such a sudden loss—especially for your mom. Please extend my condolences to her, as well.

You must be concerned for her after all the hardship she’s been through in years past. I expect that one of your greatest responsibilities now lies in helping her through this ordeal. I may be far away, but you can always call or email me if you need to discuss any of the practical issues.

I was always truly happy for your mother when she remarried; Robert always seemed like such a great guy. You and Nick weren’t happy about it, as I recall. I know he came into your life at a difficult time, when you certainly didn’t want anyone to try to replace your dad. But over the years, as I’ve seen your family at holiday gatherings, it looks as if you had developed a good relationship with him.

I know that Robert certainly could not replace your father, but he took care of you, your brother and your mom. I know he loved you and Nick as if you were his own.

I’ll miss seeing him at the annual family reunion. He fit in with the whole family from the very beginning, even with all of our joking. He had a quick wit and that quirky personality that everyone enjoyed.

I regret that I cannot make it to the funeral, although I believe my parents are going to try and make the trip. Please know that I’ll be thinking about all of you on that day and in the days to come.



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