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Sample Letter of Sympathy for Your Student’s Mommy

This Sample Letter of Sympathy for Your Student’s Mommy assures a young elementary school-age child that you know what has happened in his life.  Using simple language that still respects the child’s intelligence, your letter may bring a bit a comfort to him.  Although written from the perspective of a teacher, any adult in the child’s life could use the ideas presented here.   Before writing your letter, consider speaking with another family member, a grandparent perhaps, to find out more specifically what the child is experiencing.  For example, the child to whom this letter is written questioned whether or not his mother could have avoided leaving.  Perhaps he feels abandoned.  Find out if your student has expressed any particular anxieties.  You may be able to reassure him just a little bit.  Use this Sample Letter of Sympathy for Your Student’s Mommy to comfort the grieving child in your life.

Sample Letter of Sympathy for Your Student’s Mommy

Dear Cody,

I am so, so sorry about your mommy. I just heard the news yesterday and I have been thinking about you and your family ever since then.

I know that you and your sister and your dad are very sad right now. You also may feel really hurt or angry. I don’t know. But however you feel, I hope you will be able to talk to someone about it. That’s important. It won’t take away your sadness, but it may help you know what to do with all those feelings.

Your mommy took great care of you, didn’t she? She was a wonderful person. She always did lots of things for other people—especially for you and your family. You must miss her so badly.

Everything she did as your mom, she did because she loved you very much. And I know she did not want to leave you.

Maybe you don’t know what is going to happen next. Maybe you’re scared. Remember that your dad is still there to take care of you and there are lots of folks who can help him out if he needs it.

Don’t worry about school right now. We will all miss you while you are absent, but you have more important things to do. When you get back, I will make sure you get caught up with all the work easily.

For now, just spend time with your sister and your dad. Talk to them about your mommy. Remember all the good, lovely times you had with her. And, don’t forget, that even though she left this earth, she went to be with God in Heaven, where you will see her again someday.

God bless you,

Mrs. Harrelson

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