Searching Ancestors – The Power of Networking when Searching Ancestors

It’s never been easier to join others in searching ancestors. Networking with other family historians can open you up to new leads in your own research as well as help others with theirs. Whether you want to connect with distant relatives or you’ve encountered an obstacle in your own ancestors search, there are many avenues through which you can share your genealogical problems and triumphs. Let’s take a look at how networking with others can assist you in searching ancestors.

Where to Network when Searching Ancestors

Traditionally the best places to begin networking with other family historians have been through local newspapers and genealogy magazines. Another offline venue for networking are genealogical societies, where you can both meet and work with other genealogists who are searching ancestors, and receive training through talks and seminars. Don’t overlook joining a genealogical society in the area where your ancestors lived, as this can prove the most yielding of all resources. Family History Centres around the world operated by the LDS (Latter Day Saints) can also be great places to network.

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Of course it’s faster and easier to connect online in our day and age, and even if you don’t have a computer or the Internet at home, you can gain access through public libraries, which frequently have their own subscriptions to the major genealogy databases. The vastness of the Internet though can prove a bit confounding when choosing networking options. There are so many sites at which you can network while searching ancestors that it can be difficult to know which is the best for your ancestors search. For that reason it might be best to use a few of them, familiarize yourself with their features and decide which one is the best fit over time.

Join a Forum When Searching Ancestors

To overcome the obstacle of choosing the best networking site for searching ancestors, it may be wise to first join a genealogy forum. Here you can interact with other family historians, and find out which sites they are using in their ancestors search and what their experiences have been. You will have to register to access a forum, and you might have to wait for an answer to any questions that you have, but it could save you from making a hasty decision that you might later regret. There are more people searching ancestors today than ever before, so be aware that you may receive answers from novices as well as more experienced researchers.

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Some Research Sharing Sites to Consider When Searching Ancestors

To save you a bit of the hassle of investigating different websites, I’ve taken the time to review a few of them that may be of assistance to you.

Genealogy Wise

Genealogy Wise is very much a social networking website along the lines of FaceBook, but specifically for genealogists. You can create a profile, join various groups, connect with friends, and generally have fun while searching ancestors. The website is international, but it has specific interests groups where you’re sure to find a research buddy.

My Heritage

My Heritage allows you to store any information you find when searching ancestors while developing your family tree.

There is a special matching technology incorporated into the website that will alert you to anyone researching the same ancestry records or ancestors that you are.

Roots Chat

Roots Chat has a pretty bland appearance, but it is a great place to network if you’re searching ancestors. It has an extensive surname interest section (all people interested in a specific surname), and also hosts many different forums which make it a lively genealogical community.

Ultimately genealogy is about connecting with other people, but they needn’t be only from the past. The above mentioned sites are just a few that offer the potential of making searching ancestors more fun and fruitful as well. Take advantage of the huge genealogical communities that are available to you online. You could end up making friends with professional researchers, or even being related to one. Anything can happen when searching ancestors!

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