The Continuing Popularity of Free Genealogy Research Databases

Free genealogy research databases were the subject of a report in the New York Times in October of 2006. The prestigious journal reported how free genealogy research databases had become accessible to not only genealogy specialists, but to the mainstream public. That is even more true today. The continuing popularity of genealogy in general, has given rise to a wealth of genealogical sites offering access to free genealogy research databases.

Why are Free Genealogy Research Databases so Popular?

The continuing popularity of free genealogy research databases can be largely attributed to the need of people to connect with their past, to get a true sense of who they are. The report in the Times went as far to compare genealogy sites with social networks. The newspaper explained that if social network sites are defined as being places you can connect with people you care about, genealogy sites are exactly that.

You may be considering the accuracy of that comparison, wondering how it’s possible to socialize with previously deceased ancestors. Well, the New York Times was actually referring to living relatives. Yes, that’s right, free genealogy research databases can be useful in helping you connect with relatives who are alive and well, and in the process of searching their own family history. I recently had that experience myself.

How I connected with My Living Relative Using Free Genealogy Research Databases

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I was initially introduced to the value of genealogical research and the efficacy of free genealogy research databases when I was in my mid-twenties. I won’t mention how long ago that was! A cousin of my worked for the local Chamber of Commerce as an administrative assistant, her job involved opening and reading mail that was addressed generally to the Chamber.

One day as she was going about her daily ritual, she opened and began reading a letter from someone searching for their relatives whom they had traced to our hometown using free genealogy research databases. Imagine her surprise when she realized the person the writer was searching for was our grandfather! To make a long story short, she replied to the letter relaying that information, and we were reunited with a complete branch of our family that we knew existed, but never dreamed of meeting! Such is the value of free genealogy research databases.

How You Can Connect with your Ancestors by Using Free Genealogy Research Databases

The key to using free genealogy research databases successfully is to have as much information about your ancestor as possible before you begin searching. Knowing their full name, date of birth, death or marriage, even the location at which they were born, can speed up your family search. However, if you don’t have that information, don’t despair. All you need to begin looking for your relatives in free genealogy research databases is a name. Of course, if you only have a surname, the search returns will provide you with every single person with that name, which can be tens of thousands of people. But it’s a start. The more information you have about your ancestor, the quicker you’ll find them.

Most free genealogy research databases provide you with areas to enter first name, surname and also give you the option of entering other info about life events. Life events include births, deaths, burials, marriages, or baptisms and christenings. There is also a space to enter your relative’s country of origin.

Many free genealogy research databases provide advanced search options. An advanced search allows you to enter even more data, including the names of parents, specific years or year ranges, and definite geographical localities such as states or counties.

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Social network sites are great for keeping in touch with friends, but why not begin getting to know your distant relatives better? One of the largest free genealogy research databases is the Mormon Church database at This is the largest of all free genealogy research databases, and will give you the best chance of connecting with relatives you might like to know, or not!

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