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Words of condolences for an infant  written to the child’s parents

Words of condolences for a beloved infant written to Pamela and John the baby's grieving parents. At times like this there are never any words that can properly convey the upset that we feel when we hear of such a devastating loss to parents. Still you should stress in your letter that they should work together to share their grief and not start pointing fingers of blame. So often such a devastating loss can eventually break up a very stable relationship. Feel free in the words of condolences for an infant written to the devastated parents, example letter below, to show them that you were so happy that they were so blessed with a child and encourage them to reach out in time to friends and family as part of the healing process. The language in this letter is appropriate for writers of all ages.

Words of condolences for a beloved infant

Dear Pamela and John,

To say that I am in shock to hear about the death of your precious infant would be an understatement.  When I got word of it my heart nearly stopped. Just remembering when you first found out that you were pregnant, it was if you had been given diamonds.  The both of you looked so happy and so blessed.

They say that we are supposed to understand and accept that which happens to us in this life, but when something this inexplicable happens it really shakes your faith. The poor infant was only in this world for such a short time but with both of you giving your child constant attention love filled your baby’s heart from the moment it was born.

I will pray that the both of you will somehow find peace in time but the important thing is that you both share the grief together and remain as close as you always have been for as long as I have known you.

Your friends and your family will also help you to heal from this awful devastating loss. In time maybe you will be blessed again with another child.  Of course no other baby will take the place of what you have lost but you both are young and have a lot of life left to live and  so much love to give.

I will be in touch soon but now is the time for you
Both to stay as close as two peas in a pod and help each other to overcome this terrible loss and find peace in your hearts.



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