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Words of condolences for a stillborn written to the baby’s parents

Words of condolences for a beloved stillborn written to Jill and Thomas, the baby's parents. Nobody can understand why such a beautiful time in a couple's life should turn into a horror to deliver a stillborn child. Showing this grieving couple how much you recall what great parents they would be because you have seen how well they have always interacted with children is a good point to make in this type of letter. Feel free in the words of condolences for a stillborn written to the baby's parents, example letter below, to include any other reference to the unfairness of life's events. The language used in this letter is appropriate for writers of all ages.

Words of condolences for a beloved stillborn

Dear Jill and Thomas,

Anybody who knows you well as a couple is totally aware what great parents you would be, hands down.  Every child you met whether it was a family member or just that of a friend, there you were right down on the floor playing with them whether it was building a house or playing with some noisy electronic game.  It didn’t matter.

So when we all heard that you were expecting your first baby, well we couldn’t have been happier.  Nobody can imagine as a mother what it was like for you to carry that bundle of joy for nine months, not to mention being a father by your side waiting in anticipation only to never hear that anticipated baby’s first cry.

They say that we are supposed to understand the ways of the world but when something this devastating happens it really shakes our belief.  If there is any saving grace to this awful event it is that you as the mother were not physically harmed making it possible down the road to be able to conceive again.  This fact is the furthest thing from your minds right now but in time life must go on and this is an indication that having a child may be still in the cards for you.

For now please remain as close as you are and help each other to first grieve then slowly heal and come out of this terrible time even stronger as a couple.

My door will always be open to you and I will always be only a phone call away, so please don’t hesitate to call for anything or just to say, hello.



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