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Words of condolences for a stillborn written to the baby’s single mother

Words of condolences for a beloved stillborn written to the baby's single parent Sally. It is difficult enough for a couple going through a pregnancy together preparing for a child's birth but for a single mother it is twice as hard and this type of letter would show that you understand this factor. Feel free in the words of condolences for a stillborn written to the baby's single mother, example letter below, to show her how much you feel her pain as well as indicating in some special way how you will help her to work through her grief and move on in life. The language used in this letter is appropriate for writers of all ages.

Words of condolences for a beloved stillborn

Dear Sally,

I can’t bring myself yet to pick up the phone and call you but maybe I have gotten it together enough to have called you before you receive my letter. You are such a strong professional woman being surrounded with most of the things that you deem important to you in the world.  It is unfortunate to this point that you have not found Mr. Wonderful yet but that did not stop you from deciding that guy or not a baby was to be in your future.  We all were so pleased that you made that choice because it was so right for you and like everything else, you made it happen.

So your family and friends like me cheered you on through your pregnancy, helping you to get ready for the big day. No mother should ever have to experience such a dreadful, mind blowing event as you did.  None of us understand why such things happen especially since this pregnancy in your mind was the culmination of all that you had desired in your life thus far.

Support is what you need right now and those of us who helped you get ready must now step in and help you to find some peace and help you to get back on your feet.  You are strong of will and body and have a lot more life to live.  My prayers are with you now and always.



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