Your Ancestors Free – Five Possible Ways to Find Your Ancestors Free

As a budding genealogist, finding your ancestors free is probably a high priority. You may start to wonder if an ancestry search is an affordable undertaking, especially if the trail leads overseas. In the past finding information on your ancestors free was like trying to find the proverbial needle in the haystack, but today there are better resources available. It still may be difficult to discover significant information regarding your relative though, especially if you're a beginner. It's for that reason we've compiled this list of 5 ways to help you find your ancestors free.

Find Your Ancestors Free Method #1 – Visit Personal Genealogical Sites

If you do an online search for free ancestry records or ways to find your ancestors free, you'll most likely to be returned a huge amount of commercial sites looking to get their hands on your hard-earned cash. Though commercial sites definitely have their value, and are a great asset to any researcher, they won't be the place where you'll find your ancestors free. There are however, many personal websites that have been constructed, and are maintained by individuals and families with specific research interests. Their interest could be a particular surname, or branch of a family, which may not help you, but many of these personal websites contain extensive databases that could help you to find your ancestors free.

A site's content will depend on the extent of the owner's own research and resources, but you may be surprised what some of them contain. Many have surname indexes, old photos, family trees and pedigree charts, but others contain much more exclusive records such as Native American Indian Rolls, Freedmen's Registers, and Immigration or Ship's Passenger Lists. Don't discard a website just because it's someone's personal project, it might be the place that leads to you finding your ancestors free.

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Find Your Ancestors Free Method #2 – Visit One-Name Study Sites

A one name study site will contain a huge amount of data on a particular surname, and offer great opportunities to find your ancestors free. Of course, you must know tour relatives name, but if not, a one name study site may still help you to locate them. Many one name study sites may have maps showing surname distribution, so if you know the last location of your ancestor, it's possible at least you will know what the most popular names were in that area. Frequently they also offer information on spelling variations. You may not be able to find your ancestors free because of a simple spelling mistake or differentiation, a one-name study might be able to point you in the right direction.

Find Your Ancestors Free Method #3 – Visit Family Associations and Organizations Websites

These sites may be similar to one name study and personal websites in terms of content, but have the benefit of being backed by an organizational structure such as an association or society with unique resources. You may find your ancestors free at one of these websites in a number of ways, though some of them may require you to join before you can participate in their activities or avail of their resources. Many have credible resources which can help you to find your ancestors free such as; family histories, surname origins, rare photos of geographical locations, or unique indexes containing local birth, baptism, marriage or death registers.

Find Your Ancestors Free Method #4 – Consult Narrative Compiled Genealogies

Narrative compiled genealogies generally have greater substance than those that are exported into various databases. While the exported genealogies may have facts and figures that may help you to find your ancestors free, narratives will include local history and other facts that can help you to get an idea of the era in which your ancestor lived. These narratives can provide precious clues such as changes in economic situations which may have forced your ancestor to migrate, or perhaps a local area newspaper that may contain an obituary or birth announcement.

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Find Your Ancestors Free Method #5 – Search Compiled Genealogical Databases

Although there are more genealogical databases available online today than ever before, it may still be difficult to find you ancestors free using them, but it is possible. Lineage-linked databases are basically the same as compiled genealogies (though some people don't consider them as such), but they serve the same purpose in presenting someone's research in an organized, printed form. It is possible to find your ancestors free in such a database, as documents such as death and birth certificates you can find lineage-linked ancestors such as parents or grandparents, and then use that data to try to find your ancestors free in one of the large databases such as the International Genealogical Index at

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