Ancestry – Free Secrets for Searching Your Ancestry

Compile your ancestry for free? That’s right! This article will reveal how you can use the same tricks of the trade incorporated by professionals in their research. These little known techniques can help you to find your ancestors quickly and reduce the costs you might normally incur if you didn’t know them. You may want to search your family history, but not have the time or resources. In that case, you need to be able to find your ancestors quickly and affordably. To show our appreciation of your continued support, our researchers at have dug deep into the minds of professional genealogists to present you with ways to research your ancestry, all free!

Ancestry – Free Secret #1: The Genealogical Proof Standard (GPS)

This research process has been used for decades by professional researchers to make sure that their research returns accurate and valuable data. Precise and quality data is integral to the success of your genealogy project. The great thing is that you can use it as well in your ancestors search. The first step in using the GPS is to select the target for your research. Having a definite goal will help you to focus and avoid wasting valuable time searching in areas that won’t contain the information you seek. Once you have decided on your objective, you need to:

  • Search Reliable Sources
  • List Your Sources
  • Analyze the Source (whether it is from a primary or secondary supplier i.e. - a first hand account or word of mouth, an original or transcribed document)
  • Decide whether or not the source is reliable

Once you have made the decision as to whether the data you’ve sourced is valuable or not, you can either record it or discard it, depending on the decision you’ve made as to its worth.

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Beginners Benefit from the Genealogical Proof Standard

As beginners in ancestry, the free secrets obtained from professional researchers are of immense value. It’s easy to become overwhelmed with the plethora of resources, ancestry free software, websites, and data in general that is available to us. Following the fixed process of the GPS helps us to stay focused and guarantees that we’re returned only accurate information. The GPS is one of the most unused research processes taken advantage of by beginners, mainly because it is associated with professionals. But it needn’t be intimidating, nor should it be overlooked as a research tool to compile your ancestry for free.

To build a credible family tree, you must be sure that any information you find on your ancestors is reliable. Inaccurate or untrue information will not only affect the worth of your family tree, but those of other genealogists who may be tracing the same lineage. The GPS ensures that your ancestry is free form errors, as well as that of other genealogists.

Keeping Your Ancestry Free from Errors

The secret to keeping your ancestry free from errors is to perform an exhaustive search. Make sure that you closely scrutinize and validate every bit of information before entering it into your genealogical records. A common mistake of beginning researchers is that they record every fact that they come across without authenticating them.

Knowing how to analyze data can prevent you from having to go back to correct something that was inaccurate. One way to avoid that is; whenever you come across information, compare it with what you already have. If the new information doesn’t make sense when compared with your existing data, there’s a good chance that it may be flawed. If you do find that the new data doesn’t sit well with your current records, go back and attempt to resolve that conflict before you go any further.

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If you can summarize the data collected in your ancestors search in a way that it makes sense, you’re ready to move onto your next free ancestry search. The GPS isn’t only for professional researchers; it can be used by you to search your own ancestry. Free yourself from any fears about research you may have had, and follow its easy to use format to ensure the accuracy of your family tree.

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