Ancestry Records Free – Where to Find Native American Ancestry Records

It can be difficult to locate ancestry records for free, especially ones of genealogical worth. Records of ethnic groups can be even harder to find, but they are out there. If you are of Native American ancestry, the data of your ancestors may be hard to find. There are places that you can find Native American ancestry records free though, both online and off. In this article however, well focus on a major online Native American genealogical hub where you can find ancestry records free.

Search Native American Ancestry Records Free at Access Genealogy

Though census reports were taken of Indian Tribes, many of the members, being distrustful of the government, hid from the census takers. The nomadic and natural nature of Native Americans also makes it difficult to track down ancestry records. Free roaming tribes often passed their history down orally, and dialogue with older family members may produce valuable genealogical information. Written records do exist though, and many can be found at Besides containing indexes of Native American ancestry records, free tutorials on how to look for and understand them are also available. Let’s take a look at some of what you’ll find when searching Native American ancestry records for free.

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Native American Ancestry Records – Free Native American Rolls

The Indian Removal was an era during which Southeastern Native American Indians were forced from their homelands and placed in what we have come to know as "reservations." Many records were processed during this time starting in 1831, and data was recorded regarding various treaties and who signed them, land claims, allotments, military pensions and service and other miscellaneous information. These records are known as Native American rolls, and you can search these ancestry records for free. There are over 30 different rolls that you can search dating from 1817 right up to the turn of the century. These rolls are one of the features that makes a great place to search Native American ancestry records for free.

Native American Ancestry Records – Free Indian Census Reports

Native American Indians are first identified in the census of 1860. This census report, available when searching ancestry records for free, contains the names of all Native Americans who renounced their tribes and submitted to becoming US citizens. Keep in mind when searching Native American ancestry records, that free reign was given to the census takers to interpret a person’s stand in these matters. You may also come across genealogical information that states that Native Americans were only included in census reports from 1870, but that was the first time that "Indian" was given as a choice of ethnicity. Native Americans were included in the 1860 census – over 40,000 of them; they were just not given the choice to designate themselves as such. It’s relatively easy though, to distinguish them by their name when searching these ancestry records free.

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Native American Ancestry Records – Free Indian Cemetery Records

You can also search other Native American ancestry records for free such as Cemetery Records at this website. Links to Cemetery Records in eight of the United States plus Canada are featured at, covering nearly 200 cemeteries. Cemetery records are of course only valuable if you have an approximate knowledge of where your ancestor lived. If you successfully find your ancestor when searching these ancestry records for free though, they may lead you to other vital documents such as birth certificates etc.

Searching Native American ancestry records for free is the same as for any other ethnic group. Remember much of Native American history was passed from generation to generation orally, so make it a point to speak with relatives in your immediate family. After you’ve exhausted your immediate resources, then continue your genealogical journey by searching Native American ancestry records for free at

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