Ancestry Records Free – 5 Ways to find Ancestry Records Free

Finding ancestry records free is the goal of many genealogists. Tracing ancestry records can prove an expensive endeavour, especially if you have to pay just to search for them. There are ways however, online and off, that you can obtain ancestry records for free. We’ll show you in this article where and how to find ancestry records free of cost, and full of vital information. Most of the areas we’ll discuss involve offline sources, however we will devote some attention to online locations where you can find ancestry records free.

Find Ancestry Records Free at your Local Library

It is often thought that smaller libraries may not offer the same extensive catalogues of ancestry records that larger national ones have, but that is not necessarily true. Many smaller local libraries are part of a national, if not global network, and have access to their huge databases. Libraries also often have their own subscriptions to the large commercial genealogy sites and allow their members to use them. To find ancestry records free at your local library, ask the head librarian what free ancestry records they have available on site, and also if they are part of a larger network that you can access. Keep in mind that some records you might not have considered as ancestry records can be quite valuable genealogical tools. Secondary records such as workhouse records, business records, and court records can all help you to find primary ancestry records for free.

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Visit a Family History Center to Locate Ancestry Records Free

It’s well worth making the effort to visit one of the LDS (Latter Day saints) Family History Centers to find ancestry records free. The Mormon Church maintains the largest database of ancestry records in the world, and many of them are available for free to family historians. Although there may not be one in your immediate area, chances are there is one nearby. Visit the website, and under the heading Library, you can search locations of Family History Centers worldwide. If there are none located within a reasonable distance of you, why not consider combining your search for ancestry records with a holiday. Take a vacation and use part of it to spend some time searching ancestry records free, possibly in an exotic location!

Join a Genealogical Society to Search Ancestry Records Free

Many genealogical Societies maintain their own databases in which members can search ancestry records free. Besides being able to search ancestry records free, you will avail yourself of a wealth of genealogical experience. Many members of Genealogical Societies are professional researchers, and are usually more than willing to help new members in their ancestors search. Many also publish their own genealogical material, and often hold seminars which can all help you to find ancestry records free.

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Join an Online Forum to Find Ancestry Records Free

Online forums are a great place to find ancestry records free. There are many available which you can join online and post your topic of interest. If you’re tracing a particular name, you can leave a message stating so, and if other genealogists have any information on the subject, they can respond to your post or contact you by email. Often family historians have found that other researchers already have the documentation that they’re looking for, and are happy to share it. Don’t overlook the value of online forums when searching ancestry records for free.

Use Google to Find Ancestry Records Free

The most obvious way to search for ancestry records free online is to type that term into the Google search engine. Beware that many of the returns you get will be from commercial websites that allow you to search for ancestry records free, but charge a price to access them. There are sites that do offer genuine ancestry records for free, though it might take some time weeding through the commercial advertisements to find them. Why not start searching ancestry records free by visiting our Review of the Top 40+ FREE Online Genealogy Websites where you can begin a search of genuinely free ancestry records.

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