Ancestry Records Free – Where to Find Ancestry Records Free

You see it again and again - Ancestry Records Free! But when you get to the website it’s often disappointing to find that they aren’t really completely free at all. Many websites allow you to search for free, but viewing the ancestry records you find will cost you something. There are, however, websites that genuinely offer some ancestry records free. These can range from various Census Reports to Tribal Records of Native Americans. We’ll show you the best websites for finding ancestry records free.

Get Ancestry Records Free at Automated Genealogy

If it’s Canadian ancestors you’re looking for, Automated Genealogy is the place to search their ancestry records free. This website hosts a number of undertakings to index Canadian Census reports. The Library and Archives of Canada has spent a considerable amount of time digitizing Census Forms of various Canadian censuses, and Automated Genealogy, in turn, has organized a troupe of volunteers to transcribe data from the microfilmed images into an accessible database. The transcribed data is then proofed and corrected if necessary making this a reliable source at which to obtain ancestry records free. Currently it contains transcriptions of the 1901, 1906, and 1911 censuses.

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Get Ancestry Records Free at American Memory

If you’re of African American ancestry, you may find some useful free ancestry records at American Memory This is part of the Library of Congress’ website, and it houses a collection of slave narratives boasting 2,300 typewritten narratives which comprise over 9,500 pages of searchable text and catalogued records. There are also more than five hundred photos of former slaves with accompanying links to their narratives. The website also explains in detail how to interpret the narratives and provides the user with links to other sources where one can find African American ancestry records free.

Get Ancestry Records Free at the US National Archives

You will find some Irish ancestry records free at the US National Archives. This database has information on Irish immigrants who arrived in New York during the years of the Great famine from 1846 – 1851. The database has records on over 600,000 Irish immigrants, and information on the ships that carried them. There are also passengers registered from other countries such as Canada, Russia and Brazil, but 80% of the entries are Irish. The main database is the Irish Passenger Record File, but there are also three other databases that offer ancestry records free. You may find the name of a passenger, where they lived before coming to America, their sex, occupation, and a wealth of other genealogical data that may help your ancestors search.

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The National Archives also have military ancestry records for free. This is a database of WWII Enlistment records of around 9,000,000 men and women who enlisted and served in the US Army and accompanying forces. These free ancestry records reveal an enlistee’s name, rank, serial number, place of residence, location of enlistment, date enlisted, branch served in, length of enlistment, year and place of birth, race, civilian occupation, level of education, marital status, physical description (height and weight), and any military occupational specialties. Because of the wealth of information found in military records, if you locate your relative here, you won’t have to look anywhere else to find ancestry records free.

There are websites where you can find ancestry records free, sometimes you just have to dig a little deep. Although they may not be the type of record you’re looking for, they can assist you in finding those by giving clues to the location of other free ancestry records. Often these sites are linked to others where you can find ancestry records free, so take a look at them now; you never know where your genealogical journey is going to take you!

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