Free Family Ancestry – Super Websites for Researching Free Family Ancestry

If you’re looking to compile a free family ancestry, these websites are the best on the Internet for doing so. We’ve investigated each site and what they have to offer; whether or not the resources they offer are genuinely free, the quality and value of those resources, and how easy or not it is to navigate those sites. So without further ado, let us present to you 7 Super Websites for researching your free family ancestry.

Free family Ancestry Super Website #1 – 1718 Migration

As its name implies, 1718 Migration specializes in the great migration of 1718. In that year, the first organized migration of Scots and Irish-born Presbyterian people exited the north of Ireland on their way to a new life in New England. This website is valuable simply because the children and grandchildren of some of the people who arrived in New England later moved on to other parts of the United States. A portion of those who remained in Ireland, along with thousands of members of subsequent generations left the Emerald Isle to settle in other parts of the New World. There’s a good chance that many of us may have ancestors amongst them.

Free Family Ancestry Super Website #2 – Gen Circles

At Gen Circles you’ll find an option to search their Global Tree. This project is in the process of building a huge searchable database of genealogical data. The difference in this website is that it allows you to interact with both your data and other family historians in groundbreaking ways. Here you can:

  • Add footnotes to your ancestral files
  • Have your family tree analyzed by them to help you find other genealogists searching along similar lines

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Free Family Ancestry Super Website #3 – Historical Directories

Historical Directories contains a digitized library of both trade and local directories for Wales and England dating from1750 to 1919. The website also houses supreme quality reproductions of some very rare books that can greatly assist you in creating a free family history.

Free Family Ancestry Super Website #4 – Medieval Genealogy

Thanks to academic historians, material from the Medieval Period has now become available to family historians. The rare and well researched free ancestry records contained on Medieval Genealogy include: Feudal Records, Common Law Records, Chancery Rolls, Manorial Records, and many, many more previously inaccessible records. Even if this site doesn’t help you with composing your free family ancestry, it’s well worth browsing through it simply because of its historical value.

Free Family Ancestry Website #5 – Irish Family Research

With a host of unique searchable databases, along with other indispensable genealogical resources relating to Ireland, Irish Family Research qualifies as super. Many of these databases provide free ancestry research records which are regularly updated and qualified. A paid membership will avail you of many other wonderful resources and benefits, but you don’t have to join to create a free family ancestry.

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There are many resources on this group of websites that can help you to find ancestors for free. Most of them also have the option of becoming a member, but if it’s a completely free family ancestry you’re looking to build, they are a great place to begin.

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