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Databases containing free family tree resources are continuing their growth alongside the rising popularity of genealogy in general. As it takes time for Google to recognize a resource and post it into their own indexes, some of these databases may be difficult, even impossible to locate through a general search. That is why we have a dedicated team that continually looks deep into the internet to find places where you can find free ancestry records. As a result of their constant efforts, our research team has uncovered even more free family tree resources!

Free Family Tree Resources at Census Links

Census Links hosts a constantly growing catalog of free family tree resources such as; Census Transcriptions, BDM Record Indexes, Military Records and Tax Lists from around the world. Here you can search records concerning Africa, the Caribbean, most of Europe, the UK and the United States and Mexico. An especially valuable source of free family tree resources for the Caribbean, it has links to Caribbean Census Reports St.Thomas, St.Croix, Jamaica), Landowners Lists from 1841, and even a list of Colonists on St. Thomas from 1678. There is also a list of Loyalists who fled from the Carolinas to Jamaica, and Census Repots from Puerto Rico and Mexico.

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Free family Tree Resources at Bluff Before 1900

Bluff Before 1900 contains Ship Lists of passengers that arrived at Bluff Island in New Zealand before 1900. People from all over Europe, mainly the UK and Ireland, America and India immigrated to New Zealand, and Bluff Island was a popular port of arrival. There are over 20 passenger lists from ships arriving between 1862 and 1884, containing thousands of names, ages, and marital status (when available) of the passengers, itineraries of the ships, and other related information.

Probably one of the most historically interesting sources of free family tree resources on the internet, you can get lost searching the passenger lists and reading about the ships and what they encountered on their journeys. You may even find your ancestor to boot!

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These free family tree resources are truly of great value to genealogists. The many dedicated volunteers who provide these free family tree resources should not be taken for granted, and a great big thank you should be given whenever an option to contact the site is provided. It’s because of their love of genealogy and generosity that we have these free family history resources, and part of what makes genealogy the fun and fulfilling pursuit that it is!

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