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Finding free family tree resources is a major goal of every genealogist. Genealogy can be an expensive undertaking, and the family historian welcomes any money saved. But finding valuable free family tree resources can eat up a lot of time. Often you’ll have to sift through a multitude of websites offering "free" records to find ones that genuinely do. In our desire to save you that effort, we’ve taken the time to scour the internet to find those genuinely free ancestry records for you. Following is a list of websites that we consider invaluable as truly free family tree resources.

Free Family Tree Resources at Complete Planet

Complete Planet is a link directory where you can find multiple listings of valuable research websites. Being a directory, it lists websites of a commercial nature alongside those that contain genuinely free family tree resources. It is an excellent hub page to work off of however, and you can actually weed out those commercial websites by typing free genealogy databases into their search engine.

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It is vital that you also use traditional methods for this process, as a large amount of the data you’ll need are located in archives and libraries. Learning how to spot clues that can confirm or dismiss a line of research is part of the total genealogy experience, and the more you develop this skill, the more enjoyable searching ancestors will be.

Free Family Tree Resources at GenSource

GenSource is a mega directory whose search engine allows you to search multiple major genealogy indexes at once. This can be a great time saver, and is truly one of the most valuable free family tree resources we have found on the internet. A surname search will reveal what indexes contain results for that name, including those at:, WorldConnect, GENDEX, and various RootsWeb databases.

Free Family Tree Resources at GeneaBios

One of the lesser-known free family tree resources on the Internet is the Biography database at GeneaBios. This is a growing website and hosts links to over one thousand biographies that have been posted online. Besides individual biographies, the website also contains accounts of the entire class of Williams College for 1863, and is dedicated to continued growth. This is one of the free family tree resources you may want to bookmark and refer back to regularly.

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Free Family Tree Resources at Surname Supersearch

This is indeed a super search engine, and one of the Internet’s most valued free family tree resources. Surname Supersearch is a more comprehensive search engine than most, and also contains a link directory to other individual search engines that make valuable free family tree resources. I did a search of my great-grandfather’s name, and got returns for Census and Electoral Rolls, BMD Indexes, Military Records, Immigration Records, Newspaper Archives, School and Church records, and even Personal Stories and Biographies – all of which contained that name. This search engine truly lives up to its name, and is indeed one of the internets super free family tree resources.

Free Family Tree Resources at GenGateway

This website is home to a wealth of historical genealogical data that is both unique and completely free. Some of the genealogical data to be found at GenGateway includes; American State Histories, Histories of Canadian Provinces, School Records, Church Records, Biographical Studies, Canadian Lineages, and much, much more. If you’re looking for truly free family tree resources, don’t miss GenGateway.

These free family tree resources can be of immense value to genealogists and represent just a handful of the free family tree resources to be found on the Internet. Genealogy is increasing in popularity by the hour, and as such, so are the resources available to those who want to find ancestors for free. Likewise, we will be constantly updating our database of free family tree resources, so make sure you bookmark our Genealogy Resources, and check back with us regularly to see what new free family resources we have uncovered.

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