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How To Complete Family Trees?

Free family trees and free partner charts can be used for any type of family but most often is used for alternative or non-traditional families. An often-overlooked group genealogically are alternative families. The world has changed and society has now embraced families of a non-traditional composition such as same sex marriages, unmarried couples, blended families and others. They are more the norm than they once were, and this trend will obviously continue into the future. Alternative families will grow and expand like any others, and so therefore will their family tree. The family tree chart for alternative families, known as a partner chart, is really no different from other family tree templates except for in the obvious biological way. Family relationships and dynamics will be similar, and so will the recording of those family histories.

The same theoretical principals apply to alternative family trees and free partner charts as to any other. Most importantly the information will need to be recorded accurately and in the same format as traditional family trees. The primary person in the family tree can be considered the root ancestor; the family tree will grow outward from this person. This is known as an ascending type of family tree. A descending type of family tree would begin with an ancestor several generations back and is considerably harder to trace. For this reason the ascending style is by far the most popular used by genealogists.

FAMILY TREES: Free Printable Family Trees

When beginning to trace your family tree, it is best to prepare yourself by first organizing a system for recording and restoring all of the information you’ll uncover. Family tree and free partner charts contain only the basic family information; names. Birth and death dates and places etc. However each relative will come with their own wealth of additional info, and this needs to be filed away somewhere for future reference. A separate file or folder known as a family group record. Here you can register spouse names, property ownership information, marriage and birth certificates, photos, basically everything besides that which you’ll write into your family tree chart.

As you begin to outline your family trees the names of each person should first be written in list form with as much info about them as possible following. When the time comes to write the names of your family members into your chart, ensure that they are spelt accurately and clearly so that other genealogists and future family members can follow them. Dates and place names should be double-checked for accuracy and spelling as well.

Filling in your family tree free partner chart can also help families to draw closer. All of the initial information you’ll need to begin your family research lies within the immediate circle. Ask these members to share memories or information they may have on your extended family. They may be able to provide photos or marriage, death, or birth certificates which will help everyone to better know their ancestors. As you begin to become more familiar with your extended family members, bonds will be forged and relationships better understood. You’ll be surprised how quickly your relatives will get involved in helping you to build and develop your family tree free partner chart.

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