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Scrapbook Family Trees – Great Tips and Tools for Building Scrapbook Family

Our scrapbook family trees are an excellent, decorative way to showcase your family history – and to have fun while doing it! A colourful, artistic alternative to traditional family tree displays, our scrapbook family trees will enhance the décor of any room they’re displayed in while exhibiting your unique heritage. Copies of birth, death or marriage certificates, photos, family crests or vital statistics, can all be used to create a beautifully crafted presentation that will wow all who view it. The helpful hints provided in this article are aimed at helping you to maximize the potential of our fabulous scrapbook family trees.

Using Photos to Form Fantastic Scrapbook Family Trees

Photos are the most obvious item to utilize in creating scrapbook family trees. A family tree scrapbook decorated with passport-sized pictures of your family members can be an effective and entertaining way of displaying your ancestry. The best part of genealogical research is finally putting a face to those long lost ancestors you’ve searched so hard for, so it’s natural to want to share the fruits of your labours with others. Depending on how many generations you wish to display using one of our scrapbook family trees, you may have to work hard to uncover suitable photographs of older ancestors.

SCRAPBOOK FAMILY TREES: Professionally designed family trees for your scrapbook
FAMILY TREE TEMPLATES: Download top quality free family tree templates

Sometimes pictures of former generations may be a bit timeworn, and may need some enhancement from a simple graphics program. One such Free Downloadable tool is Infranview, it’s free, easy to use and very effective at brightening up, sharpening, or re-sizing aged photos. Once you’ve improved any pictures that need work, you can begin pasting them onto one of our scrapbook family trees. You can begin with yourself and work your way up the tree with subsequent generations. If you like you can post the vital statistics for each ancestor underneath the photo, or add the text right into the pictures of your scrapbook family tree using your graphics software.

Adding Birth, Death or Marriage Certificates to Scrapbook Family Trees

Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates can all be scanned into your computer and resized to a workable dimension for use in scrapbook family trees. They can be used in addition to photos, or on their own, depending how you want to present your family tree scrapbooking project. Using these certificates will give your family tree scrapbook a more official look, albeit it a unique one. One alternative is to display the photos in the actual branches of your family tree, while pasting the birth certificates along the sides in a vertical fashion, or in rows at the bottom of your page. Use your imagination and reflect your own flair and personality when constructing scrapbook family trees.

Displaying Family Crests and Coats of Arms in Scrapbook Family Trees

Family crests can add a vibrant touch to scrapbook family trees while giving them an authoritative appearance.

Most Heritage websites will provide you with a Family Crest for anywhere from $5 to $20 for a jpg image, but there is one site where you can download Coats of Arms for free. Coats of Arms from Ireland and around the World by Eddie Geoghegan offer Free Downloadable Coats of Arms of over 8,000 family names from around the world. These artistic additions to scrapbook family trees give them an air of authenticity and make for a great conversation piece as well.

Another interesting addition to family tree scrapbooks would be a summary of your family history. The House of Names at provides free historical information on the origin and meanings of family names, plus a lot of interesting products you can purchase. Read more about House of Names.

Scrapbook family trees are an exciting and entertaining way of celebrating your ancestry. A proudly displayed scrapbook family tree featuring the photos, vital records, family crest, or coat of arms of your unique heritage will always remind you that you’re more than just a person; you’re a part of history!

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