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Scrapbook Family Trees

Scrapbook family trees are free to download and can be displayed on their own, or as part of your scrapbooking project. You can print them out on your home printer to display your rich family heritage and share your ancestry with family and friends. One option for displaying scrapbook family trees is to recreate them using real fabric and paste them into your scrapbook. What ever you decide to do, you're sure to be inspired by these beautiful professionally designed scrapbook family trees.

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Five Generation Scrapbook Family Tree with Branches and Colored Circles

This lovely scrapbook family tree is colorful and neatly organized. Print it out on high quality paper and fill in the names with a scrapbooking pen and you've got a beautiful piece of art that displays your family tree.

Colored Circles Five Generation Scrapbook Family Tree

This circle themed scrapbook family tree is a beautiful addition to any scrapbook. The colors make the family tree names stand out. Download and print this scrapbook family tree on high quality paper for best results.

Leaves and Circles Five Generation Scrapbook Family Tree

This uniquely designed scrapbook family tree combines the neatness of circles and the theme of trees. Display your family tree in a scrapbook or download, print and frame this lovely work of art.

Five-Generation Scrapbook Family Tree in Muted Colors

This scrapbook family tree is a collage of fabric and wood patterns in earth tones. Print this family tree and display it in your home or in a scrapbook. The greens and browns will compliment any décor and its large spaces make it easy to write in 5 generations your ancestor's names.

Five-Generation Scrapbook Family Trees with Striped Background

This scrapbook family tree holds five generations of ancestors on a bright green tree with a stylish stripe background. Enlarge this family tree and display it on your wall or print it as is for full size scrapbook page.

Five-Generation Scrapbook Family Tree with Fabric and Paper

This family tree scrapbook idea has color-coded squares for five generations of your ancestors. Each generation has a different colored paper square that makes it easy to identify which generation each ancestor belonged to.

Four-Generation Scrapbook Family Tree in Patterned Paper

This family tree scrapbooking idea is ideal for four generations of your ancestor's names, birth and death dates in large spaces. This family tree is excellent for a kid's family trees at school to use up scraps of paper.

Four-Generation Scrapbook Family Tree with Name

This clever scrapbook family tree design has nametags attached to the family tree. This design is great for kid's family tree projects as well as family trees for scrapbooks.

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