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Sympathy Poems and Verses - Time Heals

Sympathy poems and verses tell the grieving that time will heal their pain. Verses like the ones below can be adapted to include the deceased's name to make it more personal. Read on to find good examples of sympathy poems verses.

Time Heals Sympathy Poems and Verses

There Will Come a Day Author Unknown

There will come a day
When your tears of sorrow
Will softly flow into tears of remembrance
And your heart will begin to heal itself
And grieving will be interrupted by episodes of joy
And you will hear the whisper of hope.

There will come a day
When you will welcome the tears of remembrance
As a sun shower of the soul
A turning of the tide
A promise of peace.

There will come a day when you will
Risk loving
Go on believing
And treasure the tears of remembering.

It Will Be The Little Things Author Unknown

It will be the little things
That you will remember,
The quiet moments,
The smiles, the laughter.
And although it may seem
Hard right now,
It will be the memories
Of these little things
That helps to push
Away the pain
And bring the smiles
Back again.

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