Claim Solicitors – Choosing Competent Claim Solicitors


There are several important factors that need be considered when looking for claim solicitors to represent you. Of course professionalism is critical; expertise is essential, and integrity important. But not all lawyers are blessed with these qualities, and unfortunately some are indifferent to them completely, so due diligence must be exercised. As there are many types of claim, there are as many variances of claim solicitors. You will need to make sure that the lawyer you select is experienced in settling your particular kind of claim. To ensure that you hire the most qualified claim solicitor available to you, let's take a look at the various types of claim in order to identify the most appropriate corresponding claim solicitors.

Compensation Claim Solicitors

Compensation claim solicitors specialize in cases where a person has been injured due to someone else's negligence. This can involve:

  • A fall or slip on a slippery or dangerous surface
  • A motor accident
  • Medical negligence
  • Industrial disease (asbestos, deafness, asthma)

Any of the above incidences could cause you pain, suffering, emotional trauma, loss of income, or other hardship which detracts from your quality of life, thus entitling you to compensation. How much compensation claim solicitors can win you is dependant on the severity of your particular type of injury. Let's take a look at how competent claim solicitors can help you in the above four situations.

Fall or Slip – You could fall or slip anywhere at anytime, and it could be uncertain who is exactly responsible for your injury. Compensation claim solicitors can determine things like - Is the pavement you slipped on maintained by an individual, private company or council? If your work area at your place of employment was wet because a broken pipe had not been fixed, is your employer liable? These are the kind of issues that claim solicitors who specialize in falls, trips and slips can resolve; much more efficiently than if you pursued a lawsuit on your own.

Road Traffic Accidents – Any accident in which any kind of motor vehicle is involved falls under this category. Regardless of whether you are the driver, passenger, a motorcyclist, or pedestrian who has been involved in an accident, claim solicitors can help you to establish if you're entitled to compensation or not, and if so how much. Though most people have insurance that covers such instances, many do not, and in such cases claim solicitors can be of immense value. Keep in mind however, that if you did not receive medical attention, or if there is no official police report of your accident, your chances of winning a compensation claim are very slim.

Medical Negligence or Malpractice – If while attending a hospital or clinic for treatment your condition was made worse by a staff member doing something most others in their position would not, you may be entitled to compensation. Although these types of case are extremely difficult to win, there are claim solicitors who specialize in the field, and they are the ones who should be consulted before moving forward with any claim. It is strongly advisable to only employ the services of claim solicitors who are very experienced in this particular arena, as proceedings and laws pertaining to malpractice can be quite complex.

Industrial Diseases – Asbestos exposure is the most common cause for industrial disease claims, while workers from coal mines, foundries, and quarries are often the victims of overexposure to silica, a chemical found in sand and used in the manufacturing of porcelain, stoneware and other ceramics. Asbestos causes lung cancer and scarring of the lung tissue, while asthma, chronic bronchitis, and pneumoconiosis (a group of lung diseases caused by overexposure to dust) are other conditions that may entitle you to compensation if you worked in certain industries. Claim solicitors who specialize in this area will, be able to accurately inform you as to whether or not you have a viable case.

Claim solicitors are usually highly specialized, and if you are pursuing any of the above types of compensation claim, it is best to consult with only highly experienced and knowledgeable lawyers. These sorts of personal injury cases can be quite drawn out and complex, but the compensation you may receive in the end makes it well worth consulting highly skilled claim solicitors.

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