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Probate Laws, Probate Court, Probate Attorney Advice Articles

Probate Laws, Probate Court, and other legal issues are clearly explained in the articles below. You'll find the advice you need regarding probate law.

Probate Laws, Probate Court, Probate Attorney Advice Articles

Probate: Probate in California

Probate in California is the process by which the Probate Court handles a deceased person's estate if there is no trust. Probate applies in California if there is a will only, or if there is no will. more

Florida Probate: Does Probate Law require you to hire a Florida Probate Attorney?

In almost all cases, Florida probate law requires that you hire a Florida probate attorney to be involved with the administering of the estate. There are very few exceptions to this Florida probate law. more

Helping Your Family Avoid Real Estate Probate With a Will

It may surprise you to find out that when a loved one passes away, a house is the item that people fight about more so than anything else. Probate for real estate is a very large issue. more

Illinois Probate Lawyer: Probate Lawyers and What They Do If You Have No Will

Whether you have a will or not, your estate - what you own at the time of your death - will be distributed via a probate court proceeding. The difference is that when you have a will, you decide who gets your property; without a will it is decided for you. more

Michigan Probate Court: Powers of Attorney - The Good, the Bad, and the Cure

The value of a power of attorney for an elder, probate court as an alternative and the advance directive or a living will as the widely recognized legal remedy for control over the estate. more

Michigan Probate: Does a Widow Need to Probate After Her Spouse's Death?

A woman who's recently lost her husband is faced with many legal and financial issues. One such issue is whether or not she needs to Probate her husband's estate after his death. Here's how you know if you must start a Probate. more

Missouri Probate: Reasons for Estate Planning

Do you know what happens if you die without a will? The probate courts will decide who will raise your children, manage your assets, inherit your possessions, and administer your estate. more

Pennsylvania Probate: Settle Your Probate Issues With a Probate Lawyer

The job of a probate lawyer or probate attorney is to make sure that the terms in your will are carried out after your death. It is important to choose a trustworthy lawyer so you are confident that your estate affairs will be seen to properly. In Pennsylvania, you will probably find the best results if you search for a Philadelphia probate lawyer, as the city has plenty of attorneys for you to choose from. more

New Jersey Probate: Need to Settle an Estate That is in Probate?

Settling an estate in probate can be a time consuming, emotional and a stressful job. To execute your job successfully it will be necessary to hire professionals. Those professionals can include a real estate appraiser / home appraiser, an accountant and an attorney. more

New York Probate: Should You Trust the Living Trust?

Is the living trust right for you? The revocable living trust has gained superstar status in certain circles lately, and it certainly has its advantages. But it also has its disadvantages. What the pundits recommend may not be the best course of action for you or your loved ones. Learn more about this estate planning tool, its pluses and perils. more

Texas Probate: Houston Probate Attorney: What is Probate and Do I Really Need to Go Through the Process?

This is a brief view of the probate process in Texas. Many people are under the impression that they are exempt from probate for one reason or another. If you find yourself going through probate alone it can be a long complex road to travel. more

When is Probate Required? Five Reasons To Go To Probate Court

When is probate required? Will I have to go to probate court? These are two common questions when someone passes away. These are the most common reasons why probate is required. more

How Probate and Wills Work

The following article explains the collective roles of Wills and Probate in establishing how a person's estate should be divided and their affairs managed, in the event of their death more

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