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Wills Online, Living Trusts and Estate Planning Articles

Wills and trusts, and estate planning are the most important documents you will ever need. Unexpected circumstances can leave your family at a loss as to what your wishes are. Get your affairs in order before they are left trying to find out what you wanted. Whether you are searching for wills online or searching for advice with your trusts and estate planning, you'll find the advice you need in our articles below.

Wills Online, Living Trusts and Estate Planning Advice Articles

Arizona Estate Planning: How to Find the Best Estate Planning Attorney for Your Family

Arizona estate planning need not be stressful, but without proper estate planning in Arizona, your beneficiaries will most likely be inconvenienced with all the requirements in settling your estate. more

North Carolina Estate Planning: Medicaid Planning in North Carolina and the Look Back Period Penalties For Gifts to Your Children

Medicaid planning is a part of effective estate planning. Understanding how the new five-year look back period and more restrictive penalties will affect you, your assets and your family is key to proper planning. This article explains the look back period and basic Medicaid planning for transfers of assets. more

Online Wills Vs Will Creation

Online wills and will creation software are two good options for creating your will safely. But for people with more assets or complicated circumstances, online wills are the better choice because a lawyer reviews the document before it is sent to you. more

Pros and Cons of Creating an Online Will

Writing wills online are suited to people with fewer and less complicated assets. Persons who have properties that are spread out through different forms of investments and or located in different countries need the legal aid of a lawyer to settle different tax rates and necessary provisions. more

Texas Living Trusts

A living trust is a specific kind of land trust designed to hold property in order to avoid probate and reduce estate/inheritance taxes at the time of death. more

Wills Online: How to Create a Legal Will Online

When my wife and I lost a very dear friend and a sister-in-law less than three weeks apart, it made us realize just how fragile life is. Both had just turned thirty, and left behind spouses and small children. Being young, we had never more

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