Wills Online – 3 Simple Steps to Creating Legal Wills Online


The ability to create wills online is a natural progression of our society. Modern technology and legislation has enabled many law firms to set up online facilities fro creating wills online, as well as other binding documentation. A will is basically a document that states who will inherit any monies or property you might leave behind when you die. It can protect any assets you may have while minimizing the chances of surviving family members squabbling over your estate. If you die without leaving a written will and testament, the distribution of your properties will be performed according to rigid laws and legal formulas rather than your own wishes. But writing legally binding wills and trusts isn't as complicated as you might think. This article will show you how; in 3 Simple Steps, you can create legal wills online.

The First Step to Creating Wills Online

The first thing you'll want to do when creating wills online is to find a reputable website that offers this service. Keep in mind that many companies offering the creation of wills online are NOT law firms, and consequently the legality of any documents created on those sites will need to be affirmed by a qualified lawyer. These websites CAN be very helpful for creating the actual documentation however, which is the first step to creating wills online. As an example, let's visit the website LegacyWriter.com

You'll notice on the front page that you have three options to choose from; Wills, Living Wills, and Power of Attorney. It is made quite clear what each option is, and being as we wish to create a will, click on Make a Will in the lower right corner of the left hand text box marked Wills. You should come to a page with a simple 3 step process highlighted on the left side of the page. If not, the direct link for the start up page to creating wills online is Here.

You needn't click on anything on this page; you are already at the first step to creating wills online. It is basically an Online Interview that will collect general data about you. You are first asked to enter:

  • Your full name (This includes your Middle name)
  • City
  • State
  • How many children you have
  • Whether you'd like to make provisions for children you may have in the future
  • The name of your spouse

You are then guided through the interview process and are provided with a number of options to personalize your will such as:

  • Ability to leave specific amounts of money to specific people
  • Ability to leave particular pieces of property such as your home or car to particular people
  • How you would like any children to receive their inheritance (outright lump sum of money or in trust)
  • Name the executor of your will
  • Name any Guardians for your children
  • How you would like your remains to be deposited (Buried, Cremated, Donated to Science)
  • Add any additional clauses (care for a pet, disinherit someone)

Once you've worked your way through the questions, you are given the opportunity to edit your document and purchase it. I went through it personally and it took me about 15 minutes to complete. To purchase your document you simply need to enter you email address, create a password, and how you would your document to be delivered (Download or Shipped). I chose the Download option, and the cost was $19.95. As you can see, creating wills online is a much more affordable option than paying a lawyer to do it, although a lawyer will need to authorize its legality in your state, province, or other jurisdiction. But first you'll need to complete step 2.

The Second Step to Creating Wills Online

The second step to creating wills online is the simplest and quickest step of all, especially if you selected the Download option when you purchased your legal document. You simply accept the confirmation email sent to you containing the Download link, download your will, and print it off. Before you sign your will however, check it through to make sure it contains the information and options you desire, then sign your name in full (First, Middle, Last) and you're on to Step 3.

The Third Step to Creating Wills Online

The final step to creating wills online will be to get the document authorized and legally approved in your state. If you decide to create any wills online at LegacyWriter.com, they will provide you with a set of instructions as to how to achieve that in your area with your download. It is absolutely essential that you complete this third step when creating wills online, otherwise your document won't stand up in court if contested.

It would be a terrible shame not to have your last wishes fulfilled because of a simple oversight that could have been easily avoided.

Legalities to Consider When Creating Wills Online

Certain standard requirements give legality to wills that make them binding. These are:

  • Person creating wills online must be of sound mind and acting of their own desire
  • Must not have a mental illness
  • Must be witnessed (signed by at least two other people)
  • Should be notarized (can be done online through a self-proving option)

More and more people are creating their wills online these days. It is an affordable and convenient option, and has the added benefit of being legally acceptable. If you'd like to read more articles about creating wills online or have other questions regarding legal issues, why not read some of our other Legal Articles before you begin creating any wills online.

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