Free Family Ancestry – Designing and Printing Your Free Family Ancestry

The time has come to design and print your free family ancestry. You’ve finished searching ancestors, accumulated all of the data, and now want to display it for your family and friends. The first thing you want to decide is what type of free family ancestry display would suit your family history the best. There are many design options available, and you might want to select one that best displays the particular data that you have found. Let’s review some of those choices in order to help you to decide the best option for displaying your free family ancestry.

Free Family Ancestry Displays – The Descendant Tree

This type of family tree begins with an ancestor and their spouse or partner and displays all of their children. This pattern is then repeated for subsequent generations until you arrive at yourself. This free family ancestry type will show everyone with the surname of the first person in the chart along with their partners and children. This type of chart is not as common and can get confusing.

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Free Family Ancestry Displays – The Ancestor Tree

The ancestor tree starts at the opposite end of the genealogical spectrum; from modern day, and reveals all of the start person’s direct ancestors and partners. It can be continued for as many generations as you have data for.

Free Family Ancestry Displays – The Hourglass Tree

The hourglass family tree begins with any couple.

You may, for example, wish to have a free family ancestry display that shows your parents and their descendants plus all of their ancestors. This type of chart gets its name from its hourglass configuration, as it shows the couples lineage in both directions. This is a great option for beginning with your grandparents as the first couple.

Free Family Ancestry Displays – Other Types of Family Trees

Besides the standard options listed above, you may want to create your own unique free family ancestry display. For instance, if you want to display only particular people on your chart, say, only your parents and their descendants or possibly only your father’s ancestors, you can do that as well. Or create a scrapbook with your family tree and supporting documents inside.

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