Get to Know an IRS Tax Attorney


It is quite possible that when you think of an IRS tax attorney, you have less than pleasant pictures in your mind. The images portrayed in movies, and media include long dark trench coats, a grim expression, and an eagerness to find fault in a tax return. Of course, this image is produced from various media and is not at all accurate. If you are faced with issues regarding previous tax years, the IRS tax attorney could be a saving grace.

The tax attorney is known for defending those accused by the government of fraud, tax evasion, delinquency, and sometimes embezzlement. They are also quite adept at finding good settlement offers for clients in need of tax relief. The laws governing taxation can be really difficult to understand. The more you attempt to file without an accountant or other professional the higher your chances are of accidentally breaking a tax law. What may have been true for years or decades may no longer be true, depending on changes in law. An audit can often reveal errors, and sometimes those errors are serious enough to draw the attention of the IRS officials.

Regardless of whether you made an error, filed without payment, or never filed at all when you know you need tax relief one of the better methods of handling the problem is through representation. Of course, you can just as easily avoid the entire ordeal and act with an ounce of prevention. The most common errors of significance are found among the self-employed and the small-business owner. Every year you can count on changes in policies that can leave you guessing as you file.

An IRS tax attorney is the best person to check on your record keeping, help prevent mistakes, and give you the peace of mind you need to operate your business. While many people may ask an accountant to go over their files, you cannot be assured that the accountant is up to date on all the newest tax codes. The IRS is the branch of government that creates the tax code. Therefore, it is not likely that a mistake will be made.

The hourly rate of an IRS tax attorney is definitely an investment. Fortunately, you can split up the process of going over your records. Two to three times per annum you can request a check up so that when it comes time to file your taxes, you have every bit of confidence that you are well within the laws. The price of the attorney is a lot less than the price of a taxation issue.

Despite the common-sense approach to hiring an IRS tax attorney, some people are skeptical. There has not always been a lot of trust and cooperation when it comes to the IRS and the general public. There are private tax lawyers that can be of valuable assistance as well. If you are not comfortable with the idea of a government official looking through your records, you might feel more comfortable with a private lawyer.

One of the benefits of having a private lawyer is that you already have someone on hand should you find that the IRS is pressing charges or fining you for an error made on a previous return.

Small-business owners and the self employed are often looked at with intense scrutiny during an audit. While the same rules apply to everyone, this is the group that most errors are found. A private lawyer can often get the tax business under control fast.

If you are going to go with a private tax attorney, you need to be careful during the hiring process. Tax law is a highly demanding field and there are many complex rules that apply. Do not be swayed by a smooth talker that makes a lot of promises. Look for the attorney that can look at and accurately assess the situation.

Any time there is a question with the IRS you need to remember that honesty pays. Mistakes happen. Errors can be fixed. Overall, though, if the IRS attorney that is not there to represent you catches you in a lie the likelihood of a smooth and reasonable settlement starts to dwindle. Be honest, be proactive, and remember that the preventative measures that you take today can pay off for you ten times over in the future.

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