Wills Online – The Pros and Cons of Creating Wills Online


Creating wills online is only a modern day option, and many are still concerned as to the validity of a will created online. Writing a will is a proven way to save your surviving family members undue difficulties in administering and distributing your estate once you are gone. Over the years people have been impeccable in overseeing the creation of their will, ensuring that every detail is hammered out to their complete satisfaction. Can this same attention to detail and legality be manifested when creating wills online? There are many companies that presently offer the formation of online wills, but there are certain legal and common issues that should be considered before availing of their services. Let's take a look at some of the pros and cons of writing wills online.

Pros of Writing Wills Online

Writing wills online is definitely less expensive than having them drawn up by an attorney. While an attorney generally charges by the hour, sometimes hundreds of dollars per, an online company will charge a one time fee that can be as little as $30 or $40. You can get further discounts if you sign up any of your friends or a family member to create wills online.

It could take months for an attorney to draft a will for you, let alone present a final product. The wills online option however can provide you with a documented will and testament in as little as 15 minutes. Keep in mind that this will be a simple, standard will; however it can be expanded upon or amended at a later date. This will need to be done through an attorney's office, but the general body of the will will be in place, still saving you time and money.

Rather than traipsing back and forth from a lawyer's office that may be miles away and expensive to get to, creating wills online allows you to do so from the convenience of your home. The online forms allow you to fill out the answers to expertly selected questions in a few minutes while sitting at your home computer. A click of the mouse and your form is downloaded, after which you van print it out, sign, and file away.

Cons of Writing Wills Online

Personal Credibility
One of the major criteria of creating any will is that a person be of sound mind. If it is found that a person was not mentally capable of formulating their will at the time writing, the document won't stand up in a court of law. Having personal interaction with an attorney, or an official referral from a health care professional will alleviate this problem; but it can only be done in person.

When creating wills online you may not be given the flexibility to include personal, complex, or involved wishes or procedures into your document.

The forms you will find online are fairly standard, and though providing a degree of scope to personalize your will, they don't provide the complete freedom of expression that having a will drawn up by an attorney would. Another important aspect of the legality of the will is that the provisions within are not against the person's will. It could be argued that using the firms provided to create wills online; a person was restricted in their choices, and consequently had to agree to a term or provision against their will.

Though creating wills online is easy and affordable to do, they may not stand up in court unless they are further scrutinized and approved by an attorney. For a will to be legal, it need only be witnessed by 2 or 3 people, but to be absolutely sure that your wishes are carried out, it is best to have it inspected by an attorney. Writing wills online can be very beneficial for those having uncomplicated and few assets, but you should first check the laws in your country or state to see of there may be any legal reason to nor create wills online.

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