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If you’re in need of tax relief, perhaps a Seattle tax attorney can help you out. Many of us get in over our heads when it comes to dealing with our annual tax returns. The forms and formulae can be quite intimidating, and though well intentioned and keen to file our taxes, we simply give up and sweep them under the carpet. No, the IRS doesn’t make it easy for us, but they do make it easy for themselves to come after us. This is why hiring a Seattle tax attorney can be a prudent move. Having a professional help us with our taxes can not only assist us in avoiding legal problems, it can also actually save us money by ensuring we avoid fines or paying interest on our tax bill. A professional attorney can also help you to file for tax relief if you feel you are entitled to it. You will however need to prove your case and have all of your documentation in order, as well as knowing how to best deal with IRS administrators. Such a tall order may best be left in the hands of a specialized and experienced Seattle tax attorney.

Settle Your IRS Issues with a Seattle Tax Attorney

As the boy scouts say, it does a person well to “be prepared”, and in no case does that hold more true than when dealing with the IRS. A Seattle tax attorney will help you in such a situation, especially as far as enlightening you about your options. The IRS is actually willing to help people with their tax problems, but they are quite specific as to how they expect things to get done. Firstly you need to prove that you are unable to pay what you owe, and have legitimate reasons for not doing so. Having a seasoned Seattle tax attorney by your side at such a time can be an enormous advantage. The IRS has no problem with people making partial payments, yet it does frown on late returns. Do everything in your power to file your tax returns on time; you can negotiate a payment plan after the fact.

Tax repayment plans come in several different forms, and a Seattle tax attorney can help you to determine the best one for you. Remember – if you can’t pay, file your return anyway – you won’t qualify for any repayment plans if the IRS has not received your tax return. To qualify for a tax repayment option you must be able to prove that you have the ability to repay what’s due over time. If you require more than 120 days, our Seattle tax attorney recommends what is called an Instalment Agreement. These plans exist for both state and federal taxes, but if you don’t qualify for an Instalment Agreement, there are other alternatives you can investigate. One important piece of information provided by the Seattle tax attorney we consulted was that; although penalties And interest charges are reduced when qualifying for Instalment payments, they still apply, and you may want to consider taking out a bank loan to pay in full. Compare the interest rates of both, and make your choice accordingly.

Seattle Tax Attorney Warns Against Using Credit Cards to Pay Off IRS

Many people are lured into the trap of using heir credit cards to pay off the IRS. This is a big no-no according to our Seattle tax attorney, as the inflated interest rates and high penalty charges and over the limit fees enforced by credit card companies will only force you into further debt. It would be better to borrow from family or friends if possible, and if not, a personal loan is by far a much better option.

If upon finishing your tax return and conclude that you aren’t able to pay, but will be able to in the following months, simply include partial payment. The IRS will send out a letter to you in 45 days informing you of the balance you owe. This balance will of course include interest and late payment fees, but if you can limit it to only once, it can be better than going through the whole process of applying for a personal loan or repayment options from the IRS themselves.

If a person can prove that they are undergoing financial hardship, the IRS may grant a six month extension. Additional paperwork and documentation is required, so don’t attempt this method without the help of a Seattle tax attorney, as it is an extremely difficult process to go through. If none of the aforementioned are of value or help to you, a Seattle tax attorney can assist you in submitting a claim for an Offer in Compromise, or in the worst case scenario - uncollectable status.

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